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Lucy // China

There were nervous smiles on the faces of all the families picking up their children that day. Everyone had the same tight-throated laughter and tried desperately to distract themselves while they waited for their child to be brought into the colorful room. When Lucy’s caretaker brought her into the room, Josh and Amy’s faces lit up like a Christmas tree. The care taker handed Lucy to her mom and she began to cry. Amy, who came prepared with a bottle, quickly gave it to her daughter and the tears eventually subsided. For Josh and Amy, those first moments seemed to be filled with excited anticipation mingled with uncertainty. There was obvious relief that they were finally holding their baby girl… but there was also a heavy blanket of sorrow for this child who had lost so much for her 18 months of life.

No family every knows how a child will react when he or she meets her forever family. Although Lucy cried, she clung to her mom and didn’t let go of the bottle she had brought to comfort Lucy. It was almost as if time stood still in that little room in Zhengzhou, China. Four families met their children that day and nothing else mattered.

Get a glimpse of Lucy’s first few moments with her mom and dad below. You can also read more of Josh and Amy’s adoption journey here.