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Adoption Documentation in 2020…

Well, 2020 is off to a pretty exciting start! I got a Facebook message about a week ago asking about the process for me to document an adoption overseas. As most of you know,  The Dream Village was born out of a heart for adoption that I’ve had since childhood. With three adopted siblings, an adopted son, an adopted nephew, and adopted cousins, adoption has always been a part of my life.

If you didn’t know, adoption is extremely expensive. My heart has always been to document adoptions for FREE, even on international trips. I don’t want to add any pressure to families at a time when they have invested so much just to bring their child home. But the moments of that first meeting are so precious. Having those moments documented is truly a gift.

Regan and Joseph will be traveling to India at the end of the month to meet their daughter, Gracyn, and bring her home. They’ve been waiting to meet her for TWO YEARS! After chatting with them, it looks like everything is lining up for me to accompany them to capture their first moments as a family. (Coincidentally, it was exactly six years ago that I went to India for the first time to document an adoption.) I spent most of yesterday filling out all the necessary forms to get an Indian Visa. This is really happening!

I usually have more time to raise funds, but I’m confident that this is a calling God placed on my life. When He calls us to do something, He also provides everything needed for the journey.

How can you help?

If you’d like to help with the expenses for this trip, I’m selling discounted sessions to raise money.

The first session option  is 45-60 minutes and includes all the digital images. These sessions can be used any time in 2020.

The second option is a 30-minute session with all the digitals. Again, this can be used any time in 2020!

These sessions also make great gifts! If you don’t need a session, pass it on to someone who could use an updated family portrait.

If you’d just like to donate without purchasing a session, you can do that by clicking here. 

You can also browse our store and purchase a piece of art for your home!

Thank you for supporting adoptive families by helping us share their stories.

Four ways you can help...

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Joe and Regan

indian adoption Archives - The Dream Village
indian adoption Archives - The Dream Village

indian adoption Archives - The Dream Village

Avi // India

Avi was three years old when Hal and Carey met her in an orphanage halfway across the world in India. The sterile, white-walled building was all she’d ever known.

The orphanage required parents to visit the orphanage for three days so their child could become a little familiar with them before leaving. This way, when they left, mom and dad would be familiar faces and Avi would cling to them. Avi never warmed up much during those three days. She was fascinated with the nail polish Carey had brought, but other than that not much interested her about her new mom and dad. She was old enough to know what was about to happen next and she was probably terrified and sad.

The goodbye ceremony at the orphanage was emotional for every one in that room. Prayers were recited, songs were sung, scriptures were read and then everyone kissed Avi goodbye. The orphanage director handed Avi to her mom as she cried and screamed. We jumped into waiting cars to head to Cochin so we would be near the airport for our flights the next day. Avi cried herself to sleep on the drive. The next morning she was still somber but she clung to Carey just like the orphanage director said she would.

This sweet girl has been home for almost five years now and her transformation is incredible. Her sad eyes have been replaced with joy! Take a look at her first few days with her mom and dad and then take a minute to watch her video. You’ll be glad you did!