Adoption Details...

Today, I’m sharing a story I stumbled on and had to read a couple times because it’s so crazy! When God calls you to adopt, He’s ALWAYS in the details. Always.

I don’t know Susan but her story touched me. If you have ever thought about adoption, there are tons of resources and people willing to share about their experiences. Adoption isn’t easy, but it’s not as difficult as you’d think!

An Adoption Seed

I feel like God plants an “adoption seed” in some of us at a very young age. For me, it was at 14 years old when we brought my adopted brother home from the hospital. I instantly knew I would adopt one day.

If that seed has been planted in you, reach out to someone who has adopted. Shoot me an email. I’m not an expert but I’m happy to tell you what I know.

Somewhere your child could be sitting in an orphanage waiting for you to come get him or her. Don’t wait any longer… children don’t need perfect parents, a huge house, and tons of material things. All they need is love. If you’ve got love to give, then you’re ready.

Read about Susan’s adoption story here: