This all started as a dream more than a decade ago.

A Note From Our Founder...

Adoption has always been a part of my life… almost for as long as I can remember. My brother, Trevor, was adopted when I was 14 and his story touched me deeply at such a young age. I watched his birth mom make the selfless decision to give him a life she couldn’t provide for him at the time.

After that there were two adopted cousins, two more adopted siblings (this time from Haiti), and then God miraculously dropped a baby boy in my own lap. Jayden changed my life. He taught me what unconditional love is all about.

About 12 years ago I had the idea to share adoption stories and photos through a book. I swore I was going to write it before I turned 30… but here I am closing in on 39 with no book. The idea for The Dream Village has evolved over the years and I felt like God finally got fed up with me and said “Do this before you do anything else.” 

adopt, adoption, orphans, foster care, family
adopt, adoption, orphans, foster care, family
adopt, adoption, orphans, foster care, family

Trisha LaCoste, founder of The Dream Village, and her son, Jayden.

Adoption Stories from Around the World

After having the chance to document adoption stories in India and China, I realized God had given me the content I needed. I just had to find the right format to share it. When I share these images, people always comment, text, and email… these photos touch people! My goal is to share as many adoption stories as I can. When my schedule won’t allow me to travel, I’ll bring on other photographers who can. I just want these stories documented because these stories change lives!

So what's the catch?

I offer this service for FREE. Adoption is already ridiculously expensive. Some families take out a second mortgage on their home to finance adoption. They do fundraisers. They work extra jobs. They do whatever it takes to bring their child home. So asking for them to pay to take a photographer along is out of the question. 

This is where you come in!

By purchasing a piece of art for your home or office, you are helping us to document these stories! Families are also able to use these prints as fundraisers for their adoptions. Each family is given a specific code and when a print is purchased with that code they receive 50% of the profits.