An Adoption Story submitted by Founder, Trisha LaCoste

“When can I meet my birth mom?”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this over the last several years. Jayden has always known he’s adopted. We’ve always talked openly about his birth mom. I even have a photo on my dresser of her holding Jayden as a baby. I always tell him how lucky he is to have three moms who love him… a birth mom, an adoptive mom, and a step mom. 

So after talking to Jayden’s dad and step mom, we decided a meeting was long overdue.

Jayden was very quiet when we got to the meeting spot and I could see his wheels spinning. He anxiously watched the door waiting for her to walk in. He leaned over to get a better angle of the door every time it opened.

And then she was there!

The question of the last decade was answered: When can I meet my birth mom? Today, baby. Today is the day. This is Alicia. 

I made the introductions and we chatted for 2 hours. Alicia’s step mom (who was an integral part of Jayden’s adoption) was there, too. I was grateful for her because she carried the conversation when I got lost in my own thoughts. Jayden answered any questions that were asked of him with a soft, “Yes, ma’am.” He was very reserved compared to his normal rambunctious, 12-year-old self. But every once in a while his typical grin would erupt from the recesses of his over-processed thoughts. 

I saw the joy in Alicia’s face just being in his presence. She watched his every move without making it obvious. She was just a child when she had Jayden… but seeing the adult version of her made my heart soar. She’s a mom. She’s a hard worker. She’s learning all the things life teaches us as we age. And it made me so proud to be in her presence. 

What do you say to the woman who gave her child to you?

A woman who made the hardest decision of her life to make sure her son had the best one possible? How do you convey the gratitude in your heart for one of the greatest blessings of your life? A blessing that was only made possible through her painful sacrifice? 

There’s no way to thank her for my son. There’s no way to express the magnitude of the gratitude in my heart. But I know the LEAST I can do is let her know him, too. Allowing her into Jayden’s life isn’t a threat to me. She will never replace me and I will never replace her. We each have a place in his life… and there’s enough love to go around! 

I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know that Jayden no longer has to wonder what Alicia looks like or what her voice sounds like. He can now say that he has his birth mom’s smile. He knows. He’s seen it! The unknown is now known and I’m certain Jayden has a peace that I could never give him. And for me, that is PRICELESS.