Kristinjoy and Tim had been told that Maia was at an orphanage further away than the other kids and would more than likely be arriving last. We walked through the doors of the colorful room and they decided to settle in for some waiting.

It couldn’t have been ten minutes before a care taker walked through the door with a beautiful little girl. Her wide eyes looked confused as she scanned the room. Kristinjoy looked up and said with excitement, “Is that her? Tim! It’s her!” Tim’s “WOW” was followed by some scurrying to grab the treats they had brought and then they timidly walked over to their daughter. As the care taker handed Maia to Kristinjoy, her sweet, round face scrunched into a ball of tears. Tim and Kristinjoy knew they had their work cut out for them in earning this little girl’s trust but they were up for it!

They sat on the couch with Maia and gave her a red sucker and her tears let up. She sat in her mom’s lap as Kristinjoy spoke sweet words in her ear. Tim sat next to them in what looked like disbelief. The daughter they had been loving and waiting for was finally in their arms. The joy filled the entire room.

See some of Maia’s first moments with Tim and Kristinjoy below.